Tired of wasting $$$ on printing, collating, mailing, and hand counting ballots? Have unusual district voting, or special groups? Need encryption assurance and member confidence? Like a Solution For All Of These Problems At Once?

Solution To Online Voting

VoteCheck works to solve these association industry issues. We turn an association burden and expense into an online, efficient, paperless tool that can handle everything from basic to complex association election needs.

Self-Managed or Fully-Managed

We have two program paths, our most popular sytem, you setup and self manage all aspects of your election. Many self-manage users can have an election up and running in an hour.

Don't have the time to tweak the fine details of election creation? Turn it over to our specialists and sit back to watch the magic! Try the Pricing Grid to learn the details.

Voting Integrity

Realize that running an election on a simple survey website has zero security or vote integrity? So do your members.

We take vote integrity seriously. Really Seriously. And we invest heavily in developing new and novel methods to keep your election guaranteed and certifiable. Your members will realize it as soon as they enter our system.

From forced SSL 2048-bit encryption, to multiple levels of patented programming security, we can help prevent multiple voting, lost ballots, mis-selected candidates and instill ultimate member confidence with VoteCheck Paperless-Trail Vote Receipts

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Feature Rich, Easy to Use

VoteCheck system features. Here's the skinny:

  • Self Management - full featured setup and dashboard, give you realtime control and stats over your election
  • Differential Balloting - Ballotsheets based on your membership levels. Different subsets of members can get different ballots
  • Randomization - Ordered or fully randomized ballots. Looking for a statitistically strong ballot? Choose to randomize the order of your ballot and/or the order of candidates listed in each position.
  • Position Options - Write-in and Abstain options for every position
  • Double-Check - Voter confirmation screen ensures accurate ballot choices
  • Branding - Throught the self management panel, Election Admins can add association logos and coloring.
  • Weighted Ballots - have different ballot weights for different members? We've got you covered.
  • Mulitple Candidate Selection - Your system can allow for election of more then one candidate in a single position.
  • Quorum Notification - Get an automated notification when your election has reached valid quarum notificiation. Yay!
  • Value Added Sendoff - Association's can customize outro message, including custom segway final 'Thank You' screens. This allows you to tailor where your members go once they have voted. Great opportunity to market conferences, courses, etc!
  • Test Runs - You'll have plenty of ability to test and retest your election before making it live.
  • VoteCheck Paperless-Trail Voter Receipts - Each voter can choose to have their ballot receipt sent to their email address of record.
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Start-to-Finish Perfection

  • Partner with us to develop your program long term
  • Installation of your custom CEU approval intake application
  • Full System Access; CEU Provider Application Management & CEU Holder Storage
  • Custom Email Communications Setup
  • Full Admin Access
  • Online Reviewer Access
  • Your Members Get Long Term CEU Storage and Security
  • All Revenue Processed on Your Gateway, Free of Charge

Buy 5, Get 1 Free!

  • Does your organization need help with only one side of our system?
  • Choose one of our two modules: CEU Holder or CEU Provider management
  • Full Admin Installed
  • All the same support, convenience and time savings, customized to only what you need
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