Fast, Easy Setup Elections. Fully Mobile Friendly

Let your members vote where and when they need to. From their desktop, to their workplace, or from a plane 40,000ft in the air!

How It Works

Associations have members and leaders.
The association has a need to elect those leaders.

For years, that's been done by the laborious and expensive process of printing, mailing, marking, returning and tabulating ballots. Very inefficient, error-prone, not secure, and so.....yesterday.

VoteCheck gives Nominating Committees, Executive Directors, or governing bodies, a platform to collect qualified candidates in a fast, digital manner via online nomination forms. Collect their candidate details, photos, qualifications, etc, and efficiently move them into an election system you design.

Your election system will secured by 2048-bit encryption, and instill confidence in your members. The VoteCheck system has a myriad of standard and advanced election options, is fully administered from your admin dashboard, and provides an instant ballot box tally when your voting period ends. Woohoo! that was simple.

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